For Beginners – Learning To Play Guitar Tips

By Voncile Hughes / November 10, 2016

The strum of a guitar is what separates amateur guitarists to professionals. A guitarist with experience can make the combination of chords CFG, and a variety of strumming patterns and techniques of rhythm. Mastering the basics of strumming is the first step to becoming a competent guitarist.

No matter if you are a left hand player or a right hand player, nothing is right or wrong. It depends on what you prefer and what effect you want to achieve. Therefore suggested that you test all game modes and vary much in the beginning. Before you can start to rip, be sure to follow these tips:

What to consider when you practice?

• Sit or stand upright posture and avoid bending the guitar.

• Do not sit slumped on a soft sofa, chair or on a desk chair with armrests.

• It might be good to start with a warming up exercise.

• Take breaks if you play long.

Storage of the guitar

  • Do not put the guitar in a window as a result, it can be exposed to dampness, drafts or direct exposed to sunlight for longer times.
  • Avoid damp and too warm environments.
  • Use a bag when wearing a guitar outdoors.
  • Try to have your guitar in a hard case or gig bag, when in transit in joint luggage compartments of buses, airplane and the like.


  • Change strings when they begin to look worn or you notice that the sound deteriorated.
  • Clean the guitar occasionally with cloth, especially strings needed to be cleaned.
  • Loosen the strings for a more thorough cleaning of the fingerboard.

Learn to play guitar is all about fingers game that allows you to play one or several notes at once with your fingers melody rather than rhythm. This finger game comes to using your fingers, including the thumb.

Why Practice Is Important In Guitar Lessons?

The real key to success "practice does not make perfect, and perfect practice makes perfect". But one big question that may come into your mind as a learner is, what I have to practice to start playing guitar? Actually, how well you play the guitar and how fast you learn is directly related to how much you practice. There is no secret to practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the better you'll play! Here are some guidelines to help you get started on the right track.

  • As it is imperative to practice, but you need to practice it correctly. At present, the Internet allows you to learn on your own, learn how to practice.
  • Practice every day. It is better to practice fifteen minutes every day 2 hours one day a week. Even if you have one hour a day, try to divide it into two times of 1/2 hour.
  • Always, try to play guitar with the guitar tuned. There are several ways to tune the guitar, but it is good to buy your tuner. You learn to tune by ear, but give yourself time to understand.
  • Good posture will allow more leverage your moments of study. You always need to be aware of your posture, but especially now that you're starting. You should review all the important steps slowly and methodically, to form good habits.
  • Look closely at the position every time you practice playing guitar. Try playing in front of a mirror in which you see your full posture and can correct any bad posture.
  • When you play chords or notes, place your fingers just behind the fret, as close as possible without touching it.
  • Try to keep your thumb behind the mast with little peek above.
  • Make sure you always have short fingernails of your left hand.
  • Avoid any stress, stay relaxed. Use the right pressure of your fingers, do not sink your fingers on the fingerboard.

If your posture and hand positions are inappropriate or neglected are going to work against you, and you will take longer to learn. It is important to be comfortable when you are playing. Learn how to sit, how to finger a chord or a note correctly, how to tap accurately, which will help a lot in developing some skills in playing guitar.

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