Easy Ways To Create An App Without Coding

By Voncile Hughes / January 13, 2018
Create An App Without Coding

With these simple tools 'online', it is possible to turn our ideas into real mobile applications for iOS or Android. In this post you will read how to create an app without coding skills!

What a few years ago would have cost us many months of assistance and dedication to different courses and their consequent economic investment is becoming more accessible to the general public. Thanks to the contribution of different supports that were born with the sole intention of making us the Easier life for those of us who do not have advanced knowledge in the computer world.

Make Your Own App Without Coding For Free

Create an app without coding and provide it with the desired design and functionality without having any knowledge of programming, generate a custom logo for our project without knowing a bit of graphic design or perform a 3D animation without ever having heard the words Autodesk, Cinema 4D or Houdini, it is perfectly possible.

The same goes for mobile applications. As with the platforms that help to create webs, logos or animations, the tools that you find to create your apps without having any idea of programming are quite simple, intuitive and with a limited level of depth, which obviously does not happen with the focused ones to a professional result. However, if your financial capacity is limited and you are willing to invest some time in the creation of an app that serves to make your idea known, take a walk through one of these eight platforms explicitly created to help you get a native application for iOS and Android through a few simple steps.

Possibly the most used by those who plant against the complicated equation: small investment and beautiful design. With an extensive selection of templates -yes, on which you cannot modify much- you can get your native app for 16$ per month. Its weak point, however, is the absence of an incorporated store that rules out the participation of all those interested in e-commerce projects.

Mobiroller App Maker Allows You To Create An App Without Coding

Many people want to make an app themselves. Most of these, however, do not know how to handle this exactly and therefore they never take action. And that is a sin!

Making apps do not have to be difficult at all. There are of course methods that are quite complicated, but there are also ways in which you can build an application quite simply and cheaply, such as the Mobiroller App maker. With which you can build unlimited apps for Android, iOS, and HTML5 for FREE.

Software development has always been a job for systems engineers. But as technology is being spread over all aspects of life, there are people who do not have the knowledge to make an app but do have a good idea. Several companies have identified this problem and have tried to create tools so that people who do not know in what way to write code can create programs and business ideas.

MobiRoller App Maker is a company that has a platform that allows companies to develop applications without having to write a single line of code. The organization is Uruguayan and has been on the market for 20 years with a platform that is capable of generating the code of a program and assembling the database. When they started, and as they matured, they opened the ability to create databases in SQL, Oracle, and the most popular ones.

What we have done is to manage knowledge. Instead of knowing the code, we want to potentiate the knowledge of the organizations,In addition to the databases, the platform has the ability to generate the source code in Visual Basic or.Net, as well as in legacy applications and mobile environments. As the market evolved, MobiRoller App Maker realized that it needed to have the programming languages to create mobile apps. "The mobile environments were a great opportunity for us because of the more complex the development, the business is easier for us," added the manager.

One of the benefits of the platform is to generate different programs from a single design. With 40-hour training, anyone can create an app without coding. From a single design you can generate an app for iOS and Android. "We've seen a 12-year-old create apps for various platforms without touching a line of code," Bisordi added.

Large organizations are using this platform to create billing systems, ERP and CRM. This allows companies to focus on their area of expertise and not spend resources on software development.

On the other hand, MobiRoller App Maker with the mobile boom, there are many business opportunities. Another advantage is that it helps that the programmers do not become obsolete since they do not need to learn new languages and can dedicate themselves to design the solutions.

Visit the official website of MobiRoller App Maker www.MobiRoller.com/en/

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